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New Year Eve Events in Vancouver

Ready to dress up and party for NYE? I have listed some last- minute NYE events for you here!!!

1. Science World

The one and the largest New Year Eve party in town. The Science World will be reformed as a night club for its annual NYE party.

The place has a total of five bars, two rooms of music on two floors with six DJs. It would definitely be a dancing night!

Dress code: “dress to impress”.

Tickets price: $95 to $110

Time: 9 p.m. 19+ only.

Address: 1455 Quebec Street, Vancouver


2. Hotel Vancouver

Hotel Vancouver is going to host a NYE party ” Civilized Debauchery” on one of its entire floor. The party also divided into 6 different themes. From erotic cabaret to pop up princess. I am sure you will find your favorite theme there.

Dress code: “dress to impress ”

Time:  9 p.m. – 3 a.m. 19+ only.

Tickets price: $50, with a range of VIP packages available.

Address: 900 West Georgia St, Vancouver


3. River Rock Resort Casino

Dal Richards, a Vancouver legend musician will lead his orchestra to perform his famous songs.

Dress code: “dress to impress ”

Time: 19:00 to midnight. 19+ only.

Price: $99.50 and include a buffet, party favours and a champagne toast at midnight.

Address: 8811 River Road, Richmond


4. Robson Square Ice Rink

Vancouver’s Robson Square Ice Rink will host its sixth free family-friendly New Year’s Eve celebration this year, including live music, kid’s crafts, DJs, an early countdown and skating.

Dress code: casual

Time: 4 p.m., with a countdown at 7:30 p.m. Celebrations wraps up at 10:30 p.m.

Price: FREE

Address: 800 Robson Street, Vancouver

5. Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurants

The Rocky Mountain Flatbread restaurants is hosting family-friendly NYE celebrations in its Kitsilano and Main Street branches.

In Kitsilano, parents and children alike can enjoy a ventriloquist show, face painting, pizza making and dinner.

In Main Street, parents and children will enjoy face painting and pizza making.

Dress code: casual

Time: 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Price: $ 18 for child, $22 for adult in Kitsilano location.

$ 6 for anyone in Main Street location. An extra $ 7.95 for making their own pizza.

Kitsilano address: 1876 West 1st Avenue, Vancouver

Main Street location: 4186 Main Street, Vancouver


I wish above information is useful for you all.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!


Upcoming projects with Dr. Yanxin Cai

Columbia International College Taiwan (CICT) is honored to cooperate with Dr. Yanxin Cai about the upcoming projects in 2015. Dr. Yanxin Cai will take CICT students to Invention & New Product Expositions in Pittsburgh, Nuremberg, Seoul, and Taipei.

Every year, Dr. Yanxin Cai takes students to International Invention & New Product Expositions. He has received more than 100 gold medals of invention in the past few years.

To know more about CICT, please visit:

To know more about Dr. Yanxin Cai, please visit:

Soar to Great Heights: How to Achieve Successful Future for Youth

 We are proud to host a Seminar on January 2nd, 2015. “Soar to Greater Heights” is a seminar created not only to inform, but also to enlighten the youth on how to achieve successful futures.

The Keynote Speakers include:
1) B.C. Lee – Former Vancouver City Councillor
2) Anne Kang – Current Burnaby City Councillor
3) Dr. Alexander Guo (Xin Xing) – SFU Communication Professor

Date: January 2nd, 2015.
Time: 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: 8808 Osler Street, Vancouver BC (V6P 4G2)

Admission is FREE (dinner is not included)

Audiences will also have a chance to receive one of the 10 MYSTERY PRIZES during the event.

The event is organized by:
Taiwan Association for Future Leaders (TAFL).

Please call: 604-633-0658 or email to: for signing up!

中華未來領袖育成協會(TAFL)將在2015年1月2日舉辦以 “年輕人,你該如何引領風騷? ” 為主題的青年勵志講座,探討大選后看青年世代的角色。

此次講座特別榮幸邀請到前任溫哥華市議員黎拔佳,現任本拿比市議員康安禮,與SFU大學傳媒系教授邢國欣來為大家進行演講。 講座將不收取入場費,僅需自付餐費。


或發送郵件至 進行報名。

Top 7 Taiwan ‘Xiaochi’ you must try

The Philosophy of eating in Taiwan is Eat Often and Eat Well.
You cannot miss out ‘Xiaochi’ when you are visiting Taiwan. There are countless types of ‘Xiaochi’ and you can find them everywhere no matter in the prosperous city centers or in the remote suburbs.
The Taiwanese capital, Taipei, has around 20 streets that are dedicated to snacking. So, you can have three formal meals per day plus numerous snacks for ‘Xiaochi’. The island food is a combination of Japanese, Chinese and Western foods. You will never get satisfied by just trying a few of them like roadside stinky Tofu or mind blowing beef noodle soup. Regardless of thousand choices of food, I am picking 7 of my favorites ‘Xiaochi’ here.
1. Braised Pork Rice

A good bowl of lurou fan comprises finely chopped, not quite minced, pork belly, slow-cooked in aromatic soy sauce with five spices. There is a saying if you are visiting Taiwan then you have to eat Braised Pork Rice.


2. Bubble Tea

Bubble tea has become a symbol of Taiwanese drink. People are so in love with them now since you have chosen your own flavors with pearls.


3. Beef noodle

The most delicious noodle soups in the world. The beef noodle even has its own festival!


4. Oyster omelet

The Oyster omelet is the snack you have to try. Since oyster is cooked with eggs and sweet potato starch.

The eggs are the perfect foil for the little oysters easily found around the island, while sweet potato starch is added to give the whole thing a gooey chewiness — a signature Taiwan food texture.


5. Tian bu la

Tian bu la is a traditional fish paste that molds into different shapes and sizes, deep fried and then cooks from the broth. You can find Tian bu la in every quarter you go. This dish is especially popular when temperature goes down.


6. Fried chicken

You can have fried chicken everywhere in the world but you will only love the special flavor of fried chicken in Taiwan. The chicken is chopped into bite-sized pieces, marinated, dipped in batter and deep-fried. A generous sprinkling of salt and pepper complete the unique taste.


7. Stinky Tofu

I just cannot describe how much i love the Stinky Tofu. Some people don’t like the smell but after trying it, they love it!


The new study permit visa for international students in Canada

On June 1, the Canadian government made few changes in study visa. The changes are intended to minimize abuse of the study permit program and increase benefits to international students. Changes are listed as fellows:

1. Applicants must enroll in and continue to pursue studies in Canada. Failure to do so could lead to removal from Canada.

2. Study permits will only be issued to successful applicants who are pursuing studies at an educational institution that has been designated to receive international students.

3. Study permits will automatically authorize holders to work off-campus for up to 20 hours per week during the academic session and full-time during scheduled breaks. There will be no need to apply for a separate work permit. The study permit holder must be pursuing academic, vocational or professional training of six months or more. Studies must lead to a degree, diploma or certificate at a designated institution.

Seneca College
Centennial College
George Brown College
Sheridan College
Fanshawe College
Lambton College
Durham College
Conestoga College
Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology
British Columbia Institute of Technology
Douglas College
Dorset College
Southern Alberta Institute of Technology


University of Waterloo
Western University
University of Ontario Institute of Technology
Brock University
Carleton University
Simon Fraser University
University of Victoria
Cape Breton University
University of Saskatchewan
University of Regina
Mount Royal University
University of Manitoba

4. Only international students who are studying at a secondary school or a designated institution may apply for a Co-Op Work Permit. The co-op placement must still be an integral part of their course of study.

5. Visitors may apply for a study permit from within Canada if they:

  • Are at the preschool, primary or secondary level;
  • Are on academic exchange or are visiting students ; or
  • Have completed a course or program of study that is a condition for acceptance at a designated learning institution

6. A study permit becomes invalid 90 days after completion of studies. To remain in Canada, the graduate must possess a valid work permit or other authorization.

7. Eligible international graduates will be authorized to work full-time while waiting to receive a decision on a Post-Graduate Work Permit application.

8. Registered Indians, who are also foreign nationals, may study in Canada without a study permit because they have the right of entry into Canada.

One hand, the changes will more or less affect international students in Canada since the majority of international students require study permits to come to Canada. On the other hand, the changes can also be good news for them because it gives students the opportunity to gain work experiences during their studies. Now, students can work full time while awaiting for their work permit after graduation.

The Canadian government made these changes with students’ best interests since international students play a crucial role in national economy.


Four events you must check out when you are staying in Vancouver for Christmas

What is your favorite holiday?  It is only three weeks away from Christmas and we are getting excited. Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada is no different for holidays. Last week, Metro Vancouver already received its first snow of the season, and now we are expecting for a white Christmas. To make your holiday more special, i have found some famous events in Vancouver and wish these events can make your Christmas more special.

Bright Nights Stanley Park Christmas Train (Nov. 27th- Jan.4th, Closed on December 25)

One of the top attractions in the city, this festive miniature holiday train and the Plaza at Stanley Park will be shining with 3 million lights.There are two types of train. One is Matinee train where the ride is a great daytime activity for families, school groups, and groups with children. Journey through the forest with holiday music past magical displays. The other one is night train, the classic night train includes a 14 minute experience filled with beautiful displays, holiday lights, and a live performer. You can choose your preferred time to see the different  scenes.

Vancouver xmas lights

Tickets range from $8 (for seniors 65+ and kids 3-17) to $11 for Adults (18-64). Kids 2 and under get in free! For tickets call 604-252-3700 or visit

Festival of Lights at Vandusen Botanical Gardens (Dec.10th- Jan 4th)

This year, it is Vandusen Botanical Gardens’ 30th anniversary. Vandusen Botanical Garden has always been a popular attraction for its millions of lights and displays. Inside the garden, there are several themes areas (including Gingerbread Wood, Lantern Alley, Candy Cane Lane and Mistletoe Mischief). There is also Dancing Lights show on Livingstone Lake with modern and classic sets from December 19-23.


Vancouver Christmas Market (Nov. 22nd- Dec 24th)

Located at Queen Elizabeth theater plaza and open daily from 11am to 9pm. Christmas market has been an extremely popular spot  and should definitely be on your list. There are long list of food and beverages vendors, and you can eat until you can’t walk. Christmas market also has some hand-crafted gifts shops and you will find some special Christmas gifts for your friends and family. This event is worth while for you to go and to experience the Christmas atmosphere earlier. There will also be several rides and attractions for kids, such as a carousel, face painting and a Christmas Traditions Scavenger Hunt. Tickets range from $3 (ages 7-12), $7 (ages 13+) and $6 (seniors 60+). Kids 0-6 years of age get in free!


Rogers Santa Claus Parade (Dec. 7th)

The 11th Rogers Santa Claus is happening this Saturday on Dec. 7th at 1 pm. The whole parade will probably last for two and half hour. There will be face painting, a gingerbread decoration station, a letters to Santa station and an entertainment stage with several music and dance performances.  After the parade, Santa will be taking pictures with the kiddies at the Robson Square ice rink, so head down for some free skating and a picture with the big guy between 3 and 5 p.m. This event only happens once a year which means if you miss out then you will have to wait until next year. Remember to bring a monetary or non-perishable food donation for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank if you are attending to event.


Be sure to check out these events for holiday fun !

Five Reasons Why Taiwan Should Be on Your Bucket List

Have you thought to spend your spring break in one of the most beautiful islands on earth? Have you imagined visiting local folk and cultural arts centers, museums, villages and old quarters while also learning about and interacting with the first nation in Taiwan? There are top five reasons of why you need to go to Taiwan.
Taiwan is one of the most diverse destinations in Asia. Not only because of its unique and fascinating geography but also its rich and diverse landscape. Taiwan has central mountain range, beautiful water lakes, rivers, plains, basins and it is surrounded by three oceans. Taiwan is indeed a visually stunning place to visit.
Taiwan has more than thousands different cuisines since it remains most of its traditional cuisines while also mixing with western cuisines’ features. People usually go to the worldwide famous night market to try different types of ‘Xiaochi’. The recipes and cooking styles diversify along with Taiwanese tradition and culture. The new cuisine was further modified by immigrants from other places.
Hot springs
Located next to an oceanic trench and volcanic system in a tectonic collision zone, Taiwan has an unique environment that produces high-temperature springs with crystal-clear water. The water is usually clean and safe to drink. You can easily find these hot springs wherever you go, because Taiwan is home to one of the world’s only accessible seawater hot springs.
There are three main types of temples- Buddhist, Taoist and Confucian temples in Taiwan. Temples symbolize Taiwanese culture and worship, and these temples also become the famous tourist attractions. One of the most famous temples in Taipei is called Longhsan, and the one in Tainan is called Dragon and Tiger Pagodas. Local people usually go to temples to pray for good fortune.
If you are tired of exploring natural attractions, then you should visit museums. You will not only see some of the most artistic heritage in National Palace Museum, but also will know more about the history of Taiwan.


US Top 10 Schools With Highest Paid Graduates

NerdScholar found US top 10 schools with highest paid graduates in 2014, and they were listed as below:

1. Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science  $89,800
2. California Institute of Technology $83,750
3. Stanford University, School of Engineering  $74,500
4. Harvey Mudd College $72,500
5. New York University, College of Nursing  $70,200
6. University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science  $70,100
7. Texas A&M University, Dwight Look College of Engineering  $69,100
8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology  $68,300
9. Carnegie Mellon University, College of Engineering $68,300
10. Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing $67,700

The ranking shows students with computer science or engineering degree have the highest salary.

Why People Need Go to University or College?

Society current trend shows that people tend to have post secondary education after high school.  A latest news from Guardian indicates that most of UK post secondary institutions have a dropout rate of 20%. This number also implies a graduation rate of 80%.  Even though, students are still hoping to get the school that they has always been aimed for. There are top 10 reasons that have been listed by Huffington post, and i have summarized some of them and added my own experience in it.

1. You can make your high school  a horrible memory
Are you struggling about exam scores. High school is always intense and it is time for students to realize they are venturing into the big world of university, where the place people doesn’t care how good performance you have achieved. For those students who may experience exam pressure,,university would definitely be another types of lifestyle for them. You will actively engage in school activities and clubs while studying the exam at the last minutes!

2.You’ll actually be interested in what you’re learning

Tired of being told to study certain subjects that you parents told you to do ? You will have plenty of choices to choose the subjects you like when you enter the university. Hence, you don’t need to stick to one that you are not interested in. Start your adventure with your interests would always be easier for you.

3. Cash

The real fact shows that the average graduate this year earns a salary that starts at £26,000. That’s 4% more than graduates were earning in 2009. Realistically, there is no other thing that is better than a degree that proves your ability and competence. You need to think carefully about what are you really interested in.

4. Tell me what else you’re going to do?
It is very hard to find a good job without a degree. People are more likely to hangout with people who have similar educational background with them. So, It would be useful to build your career networking before entering the work place.

5. Experience something that you will can’t find anywhere else
Indeed, when you move into the school accommodation for the first day, you are starting to share your every day life with other students. You probably need start to cook for yourself too. Besides, you will make some amazing lifelong friends. Trust me, this kind experience would never happen when you graduate from school.