Top 7 Taiwan ‘Xiaochi’ you must try

The Philosophy of eating in Taiwan is Eat Often and Eat Well.
You cannot miss out ‘Xiaochi’ when you are visiting Taiwan. There are countless types of ‘Xiaochi’ and you can find them everywhere no matter in the prosperous city centers or in the remote suburbs.
The Taiwanese capital, Taipei, has around 20 streets that are dedicated to snacking. So, you can have three formal meals per day plus numerous snacks for ‘Xiaochi’. The island food is a combination of Japanese, Chinese and Western foods. You will never get satisfied by just trying a few of them like roadside stinky Tofu or mind blowing beef noodle soup. Regardless of thousand choices of food, I am picking 7 of my favorites ‘Xiaochi’ here.
1. Braised Pork Rice

A good bowl of lurou fan comprises finely chopped, not quite minced, pork belly, slow-cooked in aromatic soy sauce with five spices. There is a saying if you are visiting Taiwan then you have to eat Braised Pork Rice.


2. Bubble Tea

Bubble tea has become a symbol of Taiwanese drink. People are so in love with them now since you have chosen your own flavors with pearls.


3. Beef noodle

The most delicious noodle soups in the world. The beef noodle even has its own festival!


4. Oyster omelet

The Oyster omelet is the snack you have to try. Since oyster is cooked with eggs and sweet potato starch.

The eggs are the perfect foil for the little oysters easily found around the island, while sweet potato starch is added to give the whole thing a gooey chewiness — a signature Taiwan food texture.


5. Tian bu la

Tian bu la is a traditional fish paste that molds into different shapes and sizes, deep fried and then cooks from the broth. You can find Tian bu la in every quarter you go. This dish is especially popular when temperature goes down.


6. Fried chicken

You can have fried chicken everywhere in the world but you will only love the special flavor of fried chicken in Taiwan. The chicken is chopped into bite-sized pieces, marinated, dipped in batter and deep-fried. A generous sprinkling of salt and pepper complete the unique taste.


7. Stinky Tofu

I just cannot describe how much i love the Stinky Tofu. Some people don’t like the smell but after trying it, they love it!



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