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Taiwan Association for Future Leaders’ official English Website has established!!!

Taiwan Association for Future Leader is a non-for -profit organization that under Hanyin Group. Our mission is to help youths grow as an individual, and build transferable skills in forms of leadership and teamwork. We aim to provide a platform where teenagers are given an opportunity to communicate and connect with leaders from the East and the West, to organize empowering events and / or workshops, and to organize international spring and summer camps for students to experience life in a different country.

TAFL January event review:

We successful hosted a seminar ‘ Soar to Greater Heights’ that set to inform and enlighten youths on how to achieve successful futures.  It was a pleasure for us to create an opportunity for youths and young adults to listen to our three honorable keynote speakers, Anne Kang (Current Burnaby City Councillor), B.C. Lee (Former Vancouver City Councillor), and Dr. Alexander Xing (Simon Fraser University Communication Instructor), on what they have gone through to achieve the success they have now! We hope our lovely guests all learned and took away a little something, whether it is a new inspiration, quote, etc, from the event!

Congratulations to Taiwan Association for Future Leaders for its newly established official English website! Please visit TAFL website at for more events’ information and updates!



Our 2015 Spring Camp in Taiwan—Published by World Journal

on January 27th, Hanyin Group President was interviewed by World Journalist Christine Chang!

2015 Spring Camp in Taiwan is organized by Hanyin Group, and Co-organized by World Journal. In this Spring Camp, students will be guided by Canadian teachers through the whole journey. The Spring Camp is special designed by the camp specialists in Taiwan. Students will have classes and discussions in the morning, sightseeing, extra-curriculum in the afternoon, and BBQ,fireworks and party during the night. Students will also take trains to visit small towns and make their own handcraft in the Arts & Craft center! In addition, students will be visiting some of the most famous attractions of Taiwan. We hope more students can spend an unforgettable Spring Break in Taiwan!

Time: March 7- March 17
Early Bird signing up fee: $799 (flight ticket excluded) 【Deadline: Feb 5th】

Fee: $999 (Flight ticket excluded) 【Deadline: Feb 20th】
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World Journal became Hanyin Group 2015 Taiwan Spring and Summer Camp Co – organizer!!!

We are so excited to announce a good news to you all!
Hanyin Group reached an agreement with World Journal! World Journal will be our Spring and Summer Camp Co-organizer!!!
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World Journal President Shang – Ping Han came to visit Hanyin Group today, and Hanyin Group President Christina Chang was greeting and welcoming World Journal President Shang- Ping Han!
We wish 2015 Spring and Summer Camp can bring Canadian students to Taiwan and know more about Taiwanese culture and traditional arts & crafts!!!
To sign up for the spring camp:
1) Eventbrite:
(2) Google form:
To inquire more about our spring camp, please call: 604-633-0658 or Email:

Spotlights on our spring camp in Taiwan

Our Spring Camp Schedule is finally here!!! We can’t be more excited to take more students to Taiwan and explore the beauty of Taiwan.

Here are the details about this spring camp:

Location: Columbia International College Taiwan, Longtan, Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

Time: March 7th- 17th.

Targeting students: 10- 17 aged

The whole trip is divided into two phases. In the first phase, students will be learning Chinese traditional culture through culture classes such as ‘kejia’ culture class, aboriginal culture class, and traditional Taiwanese culture. Meanwhile, students will also be watching some Taiwanese movie to know some traditional Taiwanese slang. In addition to culture classes, students will be visiting some of most famous folk arts centers. For example, we will take students make pottery in Yingge, and woodcarving in Sanyi. Students will also DIY food in chocolate factory. During the evening , we will have BBQ party, costume party and etc.

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In the second phase, students will be visiting some of the most famous spots of Taiwan. For example, we will take students to Sun Moon Lake, National Palace Museum, Taipei 101 and etc. Of course, we can’t miss out worldwide famous night market!

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Are you excited yet? We will post more spring camp spots later on. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated!

To see the full schedule of the spring camp, please visit our official facebook page:

CICT- Columbia International College Taiwan

2015 Spring Camp will be held in Columbia International College Taiwan which is owned by Hanyin Group. In order to let students and their parents to know more information about where they are staying in Taiwan, I would like to introduce you more about CICT campus here.

The aim of this spring camp is to increase the cross culture communication between Canada and Taiwan. For most of early generation of Taiwanese immigrants, they are still missing their home country. However, the younger generation of their children don’t many opportunities to go back to Taiwan and trace their roots. Hanyin Group has successful held spring / summer/ winter Camps since 2003. With more than 12 years experiences of organizing camps, hanyin group provides the most professional camp team and best quality services to students, and we wish more students can fly with us to Taiwan, to explore the mystery of the east.

1. Campus location: Longtan Township, Taoyuan County, 40 minutes away from Taipei, capital of Taiwan.

2. The school is about 18 acres, including one administration building, four dormitories and Nature Park. The administration building has library, chemistry lab, painting room, conference center, KTV and music practice room. The school dormitories have 360 beddings. The nature park has four districts and each district has a lake that named after famous lakes in Canada. The Lake Burnaby also provides BBQ facilities. (Please see following pictures)


(School main building)


(School discussion room)




(Students’ dormitory)


(Inside of students dormitory)


(Campus Nature Park)


(Campus Nature Park)

heci _704-710 377

(A sneak peak from previous camp)

After seeing above campus pictures, I wish you all know CICT better now.

2015 Spring Camp in Taiwan is offically launched now!!!

Have you ever wanted to experience a different culture, or to open your eyes and see what life has got in store for you? Well, Hanyin Group is pleased to present to you our Spring Camp – A Touch of Taiwan. The camp will be held in the heart of the Asia, Taiwan. Students will be visiting some of the most beautiful places in Taiwan and experience the Eastern culture.

Time: March 7- March 17

Fee: $ 999 (flight ticket excluded) [deadline: Feb 20]

Getting excited yet? Sign up now for only $799 (flight ticket excluded), [Deadline: Jan 31st]

You can either sign up by filling out the registration form or through eventbrite:

2015 Spring Camp Registration Form jpg

Please see attachments for more details.
To know more information about spring camp,
please call: 604-633-0658 or email:

Soar to Greater Heights

It was such an honor to hear three keynote speakers to share their precious life experiences with us last Friday. As an audience, I feel deeply attached and touched by these speakers. Now, I want to recall the seminar and share with you all here.

The first speaker is B.C. Lee, the Former Vancouver City Councillor. He was first elected as Vancouver City Councillor in 2008. Before that, he was a famous political commentator. He call him self as “Catholic Buddhist’, he explains he doesn’t want to limit his region to one but anyone who has religion belief should obey the religions rules or standards. Now, he is engaging himself with some music shows in Vancouver. It seems there is no certain refrain in his life, he was a host, a pop singer and he is still open minded about new things in life. You may not believe what has happened to him in the last few years. Here is the story that he shared with us in the seminar. B.C. Life is not easy as it meant to be. He said it was tough to fight cancer when he was just being nominated as provincial senator that he had prepared it for so long. But he had to give it up because he knew that he can only contribute more to the community when his body is recovered. Now, we are happy for B.C. Lee because his body is totally recovered and he is ready to take the next step in his political career.


The second speaker is Anne Kang, who is known as Current Burnaby City Councillor. Anne Kang was elected as the youngest city Councillor in 2008. At that time, she was only 28. She is still a elementary school music teacher and a Councillor. She describes it was a huge change when she decided to jump into politician, especially for a young lady at that time. Now, she is committing herself in community building and environment sustainability. The biggest motivation for her in life is curiosity. Because she want to do so many things for the local community, and she just can’t wait to get up in the morning and doing the work. Like what she says “only after experiencing critical environment and temperature, coal can become diamonds.” People become stronger when they experience more difficulties.


The third speaker is Simon Fraser University Communication Professor Dr. Xing. He worked in the biggest journalist institution in China for 10 years. But he gave up his journalist future because he wants to go abroad to study politics. So he came to Canada alone and start his study. For some reason, He changed his major from politics to communication because he thought communication would be easier. However, It takes 7 years for him to finish his PHD degree. From his experience, it is hard to imagine that he abandoned so many things just for a goal he was going to pursuing . Once he set the goal, and he just keep doing it . Like what he said ” The way ahead is long; I see no ending, yet high and low I’ll search with my will unbending. ”


I wish by sharing all of three speakers stories to motivate us : do not feel frustrated when you are facing difficulties in life, because you know one day you will be on the top of mountain and glance the amazing view!