2015 Summer Camp in Taiwan

Summer is a monumental rite of passage for kids to be stimulated, entertained and educated. In the summer, Taiwan Association for Future Leaders (TAFL) offers the ultimate summer camp experience for Canadian students to explore the Eastern culture in the heart of Asia, Taiwan.

Why Summer Camp?

The aim of the camp is to help students expand their vision by exploring another culture and increase their knowledge and understanding about Asian. Taiwan, the heart of Asia, despite its small size, but it still contains a total of 14 different aboriginal groups that reserve their enriched cultures such as ‘Kejia’ culture, ‘Minnan’ culture, ‘Mountain’ culture and etc. Students will not only be participating camp activities but also will be visiting local culture heritage sites and handcraft factories to explore the diverse Taiwanese culture.

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About HECI Camp

Hanyin Group’s HECI Camp has been organizing camps since 2003. Every year, hundreds of students come from all over Taiwan attend HECI Camps.The summer camp schedule was special designed by experienced camp experts in Taiwan. They customized the camp itinerary for students from Canada. HECI Summer Camp is famous for its diverse activities and camp programs in Taiwan.

Students will not only learn Taiwanese diverse culture through cultural classes, but also will learn team building through camp activities. In additional, students will go to local folk & arts centers to DIY,as well as visit famous sightseeing in Taiwan. Meanwhile, students will have the opportunity to join together with local students for team building activities, as well as practice Mandarin with local students.

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Staying safely at our own school (CICT)

students will be staying at our own school – Columbia International College Taiwan (CICT). CICT is a Canadian private high school that teaches Ontario curriculum in Taoyuan, Taiwan; the campus includes the main administration building, four dormitories and Natural Park. We understand that safety is the No.1 priority concern for parents. We are ensuring the environment is safe for all students. The campus is patrolled by guards 24 hours a day.

Administration Building 2 Arts Classroom Chemistry Lab Dinning Hall 1 Library2 Natural Park

Room 3Dormitory 1

Camp Info:

Time: June 28th-August 22th
Location: Longtan, Taoyuan (Columbia International College Taiwan)
2 Weeks: $999
3 Weeks: $1399
Registration link: http://goo.gl/forms/0p48onslJQ
Contact us, please call: 604-633-0658, or email: info@futureleader.ca


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