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2015 Summer Camp in Taiwan

Summer is a monumental rite of passage for kids to be stimulated, entertained and educated. In the summer, Taiwan Association for Future Leaders (TAFL) offers the ultimate summer camp experience for Canadian students to explore the Eastern culture in the heart of Asia, Taiwan.

Why Summer Camp?

The aim of the camp is to help students expand their vision by exploring another culture and increase their knowledge and understanding about Asian. Taiwan, the heart of Asia, despite its small size, but it still contains a total of 14 different aboriginal groups that reserve their enriched cultures such as ‘Kejia’ culture, ‘Minnan’ culture, ‘Mountain’ culture and etc. Students will not only be participating camp activities but also will be visiting local culture heritage sites and handcraft factories to explore the diverse Taiwanese culture.

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About HECI Camp

Hanyin Group’s HECI Camp has been organizing camps since 2003. Every year, hundreds of students come from all over Taiwan attend HECI Camps.The summer camp schedule was special designed by experienced camp experts in Taiwan. They customized the camp itinerary for students from Canada. HECI Summer Camp is famous for its diverse activities and camp programs in Taiwan.

Students will not only learn Taiwanese diverse culture through cultural classes, but also will learn team building through camp activities. In additional, students will go to local folk & arts centers to DIY,as well as visit famous sightseeing in Taiwan. Meanwhile, students will have the opportunity to join together with local students for team building activities, as well as practice Mandarin with local students.

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Staying safely at our own school (CICT)

students will be staying at our own school – Columbia International College Taiwan (CICT). CICT is a Canadian private high school that teaches Ontario curriculum in Taoyuan, Taiwan; the campus includes the main administration building, four dormitories and Natural Park. We understand that safety is the No.1 priority concern for parents. We are ensuring the environment is safe for all students. The campus is patrolled by guards 24 hours a day.

Administration Building 2 Arts Classroom Chemistry Lab Dinning Hall 1 Library2 Natural Park

Room 3Dormitory 1

Camp Info:

Time: June 28th-August 22th
Location: Longtan, Taoyuan (Columbia International College Taiwan)
2 Weeks: $999
3 Weeks: $1399
Registration link:
Contact us, please call: 604-633-0658, or email:


A Piece of Traditional Taiwan

Have you ever wanted to go to Taiwan and explore its culture? The best way to travel a country is to know its culture first.

Taiwan is famous for its diverse culture, including Aborigine Culture, Holland Culture, Spain Culture, Japanese culture, and Chinese culture. In recent years, Taiwan was also influenced by America culture.

Hence, ‘Loney Planet’ says: With its all-around adventure landscape, heritage-rich capital, diverse folk traditions and feted night market scene, Taiwan offers a continent-sized travel list for one green island.’ Indeed, you will not only be seeing some of the most amazing landscapes there but also will experience traditional Taiwanese culture that mixed from different minority groups.

1. Taiwanese Aborigines

The indigenous people of Taiwan estimated to constitute two percent of the island, about 510,000 people. Taiwan aborigines have been defined by the agents of different Confucian, Christina, and Nationalist based on different cultural understanding of difference and similarity. Nowadays, there has 16 different groups of aborigines, and each group remains its own traditions and values.


2. Hakkas

Hakka culture is an important part of Southern Chinese culture. Due to their agrarian lifestyle, Hakka have a unique architecture based on defense and communal living, and a hearty savory cuisine based on an equal balance between texturised meat and vegetables, and fresh vegetables.

Hakka people is the second-largest ethnic group on the island, they are estimated to comprise about 15 to 20% of the population of Taiwan.They are descended largely from Hakka who migrated from southern and northern Guangdong.The early Hakka immigrants were the island’s first agriculturalists and formed the majority of the Chinese population. Nowadays, still half of the population of Hakka in Taiwan speaks Taiwanese Hokkien.


Spotlights on our spring camp in Taiwan

Our Spring Camp Schedule is finally here!!! We can’t be more excited to take more students to Taiwan and explore the beauty of Taiwan.

Here are the details about this spring camp:

Location: Columbia International College Taiwan, Longtan, Taoyuan County, Taiwan.

Time: March 7th- 17th.

Targeting students: 10- 17 aged

The whole trip is divided into two phases. In the first phase, students will be learning Chinese traditional culture through culture classes such as ‘kejia’ culture class, aboriginal culture class, and traditional Taiwanese culture. Meanwhile, students will also be watching some Taiwanese movie to know some traditional Taiwanese slang. In addition to culture classes, students will be visiting some of most famous folk arts centers. For example, we will take students make pottery in Yingge, and woodcarving in Sanyi. Students will also DIY food in chocolate factory. During the evening , we will have BBQ party, costume party and etc.

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In the second phase, students will be visiting some of the most famous spots of Taiwan. For example, we will take students to Sun Moon Lake, National Palace Museum, Taipei 101 and etc. Of course, we can’t miss out worldwide famous night market!

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Are you excited yet? We will post more spring camp spots later on. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated!

To see the full schedule of the spring camp, please visit our official facebook page:

2015 Spring Camp in Taiwan is offically launched now!!!

Have you ever wanted to experience a different culture, or to open your eyes and see what life has got in store for you? Well, Hanyin Group is pleased to present to you our Spring Camp – A Touch of Taiwan. The camp will be held in the heart of the Asia, Taiwan. Students will be visiting some of the most beautiful places in Taiwan and experience the Eastern culture.

Time: March 7- March 17

Fee: $ 999 (flight ticket excluded) [deadline: Feb 20]

Getting excited yet? Sign up now for only $799 (flight ticket excluded), [Deadline: Jan 31st]

You can either sign up by filling out the registration form or through eventbrite:

2015 Spring Camp Registration Form jpg

Please see attachments for more details.
To know more information about spring camp,
please call: 604-633-0658 or email:

Upcoming projects with Dr. Yanxin Cai

Columbia International College Taiwan (CICT) is honored to cooperate with Dr. Yanxin Cai about the upcoming projects in 2015. Dr. Yanxin Cai will take CICT students to Invention & New Product Expositions in Pittsburgh, Nuremberg, Seoul, and Taipei.

Every year, Dr. Yanxin Cai takes students to International Invention & New Product Expositions. He has received more than 100 gold medals of invention in the past few years.

To know more about CICT, please visit:

To know more about Dr. Yanxin Cai, please visit:

Top 7 Taiwan ‘Xiaochi’ you must try

The Philosophy of eating in Taiwan is Eat Often and Eat Well.
You cannot miss out ‘Xiaochi’ when you are visiting Taiwan. There are countless types of ‘Xiaochi’ and you can find them everywhere no matter in the prosperous city centers or in the remote suburbs.
The Taiwanese capital, Taipei, has around 20 streets that are dedicated to snacking. So, you can have three formal meals per day plus numerous snacks for ‘Xiaochi’. The island food is a combination of Japanese, Chinese and Western foods. You will never get satisfied by just trying a few of them like roadside stinky Tofu or mind blowing beef noodle soup. Regardless of thousand choices of food, I am picking 7 of my favorites ‘Xiaochi’ here.
1. Braised Pork Rice

A good bowl of lurou fan comprises finely chopped, not quite minced, pork belly, slow-cooked in aromatic soy sauce with five spices. There is a saying if you are visiting Taiwan then you have to eat Braised Pork Rice.


2. Bubble Tea

Bubble tea has become a symbol of Taiwanese drink. People are so in love with them now since you have chosen your own flavors with pearls.


3. Beef noodle

The most delicious noodle soups in the world. The beef noodle even has its own festival!


4. Oyster omelet

The Oyster omelet is the snack you have to try. Since oyster is cooked with eggs and sweet potato starch.

The eggs are the perfect foil for the little oysters easily found around the island, while sweet potato starch is added to give the whole thing a gooey chewiness — a signature Taiwan food texture.


5. Tian bu la

Tian bu la is a traditional fish paste that molds into different shapes and sizes, deep fried and then cooks from the broth. You can find Tian bu la in every quarter you go. This dish is especially popular when temperature goes down.


6. Fried chicken

You can have fried chicken everywhere in the world but you will only love the special flavor of fried chicken in Taiwan. The chicken is chopped into bite-sized pieces, marinated, dipped in batter and deep-fried. A generous sprinkling of salt and pepper complete the unique taste.


7. Stinky Tofu

I just cannot describe how much i love the Stinky Tofu. Some people don’t like the smell but after trying it, they love it!


Four events you must check out when you are staying in Vancouver for Christmas

What is your favorite holiday?  It is only three weeks away from Christmas and we are getting excited. Vancouver, the third largest city in Canada is no different for holidays. Last week, Metro Vancouver already received its first snow of the season, and now we are expecting for a white Christmas. To make your holiday more special, i have found some famous events in Vancouver and wish these events can make your Christmas more special.

Bright Nights Stanley Park Christmas Train (Nov. 27th- Jan.4th, Closed on December 25)

One of the top attractions in the city, this festive miniature holiday train and the Plaza at Stanley Park will be shining with 3 million lights.There are two types of train. One is Matinee train where the ride is a great daytime activity for families, school groups, and groups with children. Journey through the forest with holiday music past magical displays. The other one is night train, the classic night train includes a 14 minute experience filled with beautiful displays, holiday lights, and a live performer. You can choose your preferred time to see the different  scenes.

Vancouver xmas lights

Tickets range from $8 (for seniors 65+ and kids 3-17) to $11 for Adults (18-64). Kids 2 and under get in free! For tickets call 604-252-3700 or visit

Festival of Lights at Vandusen Botanical Gardens (Dec.10th- Jan 4th)

This year, it is Vandusen Botanical Gardens’ 30th anniversary. Vandusen Botanical Garden has always been a popular attraction for its millions of lights and displays. Inside the garden, there are several themes areas (including Gingerbread Wood, Lantern Alley, Candy Cane Lane and Mistletoe Mischief). There is also Dancing Lights show on Livingstone Lake with modern and classic sets from December 19-23.


Vancouver Christmas Market (Nov. 22nd- Dec 24th)

Located at Queen Elizabeth theater plaza and open daily from 11am to 9pm. Christmas market has been an extremely popular spot  and should definitely be on your list. There are long list of food and beverages vendors, and you can eat until you can’t walk. Christmas market also has some hand-crafted gifts shops and you will find some special Christmas gifts for your friends and family. This event is worth while for you to go and to experience the Christmas atmosphere earlier. There will also be several rides and attractions for kids, such as a carousel, face painting and a Christmas Traditions Scavenger Hunt. Tickets range from $3 (ages 7-12), $7 (ages 13+) and $6 (seniors 60+). Kids 0-6 years of age get in free!


Rogers Santa Claus Parade (Dec. 7th)

The 11th Rogers Santa Claus is happening this Saturday on Dec. 7th at 1 pm. The whole parade will probably last for two and half hour. There will be face painting, a gingerbread decoration station, a letters to Santa station and an entertainment stage with several music and dance performances.  After the parade, Santa will be taking pictures with the kiddies at the Robson Square ice rink, so head down for some free skating and a picture with the big guy between 3 and 5 p.m. This event only happens once a year which means if you miss out then you will have to wait until next year. Remember to bring a monetary or non-perishable food donation for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank if you are attending to event.


Be sure to check out these events for holiday fun !

US Top 10 Schools With Highest Paid Graduates

NerdScholar found US top 10 schools with highest paid graduates in 2014, and they were listed as below:

1. Carnegie Mellon University, School of Computer Science  $89,800
2. California Institute of Technology $83,750
3. Stanford University, School of Engineering  $74,500
4. Harvey Mudd College $72,500
5. New York University, College of Nursing  $70,200
6. University of Pennsylvania, School of Engineering and Applied Science  $70,100
7. Texas A&M University, Dwight Look College of Engineering  $69,100
8. Massachusetts Institute of Technology  $68,300
9. Carnegie Mellon University, College of Engineering $68,300
10. Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing $67,700

The ranking shows students with computer science or engineering degree have the highest salary.